My Favourite Way to Enjoy Dukkah!

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Traditionally, dukkah is used as a nibble, with chunks of tasty crusty bread dipped in to olive oil then into the dukkah – it is delicious and very addictive (but thankfully natural and healthy!).

However, my favourite way to enjoy dukkah is to lightly crumb chicken  (breast or, my preferred, thigh) anf gently fry until cooked.  Either slice up ready to have with a big salad or in a wrap (yum!) or serve as part of a main meal.  It really is so tasty – you’ll think you’re in a restaurant or fancy cafe!  Enjoy!

The pic on the left is chicken thigh ready to be sliced up for a salad and the pic on the right is a whole chicken breast – delish!

Dukkah chickenDukkah Chicken